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ArmSoM open source community complete the full Industrial grade and Automotive grade verificationthe base on Rockchip RK3588M/3588J, And completed mass production.

Time:2023-05-10 Views:180
ArmSoM open source community based on Rockchip RK3588M/RK3588J chip, completed the verification of vehicle gauge level and work gauge level, and completed the national verification, launched the Goldfinger core board, stamp hole core board, LGA package core board. To provide customers with the whole vehicle regulation, the whole industry regulation, the domestic solution. And completed the mass production.

With the rise of domestic chips and the increasingly high localization rate of the electronics supply chain, domestic replacement has become technically possible. Coupled with the influence of geopolitics in recent years, independent innovation, information security has been elevated to the national strategic level. The call for domestic replacement is getting higher and higher, and domestic replacement has also become a force for technological progress.

Now based on Rockchip RK3588, it has completed 100% domestic hardware verification, from memory, storage, electronic materials, connectors, all using domestic materials, step by step replacement verification, one material one material replacement. Finally, under the premise of ensuring quality, the localization replacement was achieved. Completed the technical scheme verification, production verification, productization verification, mass production verification. It has been verified in practical scenarios by commercial customers and has fully reached practical standards.
The main parameters of ArmSoM open source community RK3588 core board are as follows:


Commercial grade Industrial grade Automotive grade
















ArmSoM open source community based on RK3588M/RK3588J/RK3588 soc developed LGA package core board, Goldfinger core board, stamp hole core board, can fully support the whole vehicle regulation, the whole industry regulation, the localization. Using the core board design, it can be convenient to design the functional base plate to meet the needs of different industry applications.

ArmSoM SOM-3588- LGA core board :

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